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A Tailwind CSS Component library bringing the best of component and utility frameworks to one place without limiting your creative freedom.

Features Include:

  • Build with TypeScript
  • Development with RTL mind
  • Large and flexible component library

Quick Start#

Already have Tailwind built into your current project? Awesome, you are good to go with the next steps! If not, take a look at installing Tailwind into your project and then continue with the steps below. Slipstream is a component library wrapped around Tailwind making installation painless and easy.

npm i slipstream-ui
# or
yarn add slipstream-ui
  • Tailwind Version 2.x: slipstream-ui@1.x
  • Tailwind Version 3.x: slipstream-ui@2.x


Navigate to your Tailwind configuration file and wrap it with the Slipstream config.

const slipstream = require("slipstream-ui/config");
// Your local tailwind customizations are still available here in your original file.
// Tailwind 2.x
module.exports = slipstream({
purge: [],
theme: {
extend: {},
variants: {
extend: {},
plugins: [],
// Tailwind 3.x
module.exports = slipstream({
content: [
theme: {
extend: {},
plugins: [],

Congrats! You now have access to the entire Slipstream library.


import { Button } from "slipstream-ui";
function Example() {
return (
<Button color="primary" type="button">
Click me!



  • More Components!
  • Larger library of Templates
  • Documentation Refinement

Github Repository#

Source files are available to contribute and explore from the official Slipstream Repository. If you have enjoyed this project, don't forget to leave a star!